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  • Kattegattleden Trail bikes The Charming Kattegattleden
    10th October 2016 | Maria Hart

    The Charming Kattegattleden Cycling the Swedish Kattegattleden during their long days of summer sounded romantic – even for a solo traveller.  I imagined the gentle sea breeze in my hair and the pine forest scent…

  • swimming with sharks.Belize Swimming with Sharks
    20th September 2016 | Maria Hart

    Swimming with Sharks   “Why don’t you go swim with the sharks!”  Was a suggestion I received before travelling to Central America.  This was not on the agenda during my trip to Belize.  Visit the Mayan…

  • Belize cave. Cave tubing Belize Cave tubing: through the ancient underworld
    20th August 2016 | Maria Hart

    Belize part 3:  Cave tubing Cave tubing is next on the agenda in Belize.  By the time we leave the sweltering Mayan site and drive to the caves, the heat becomes a distant memory as drenching…

  • Glass heart, Halland Sweden I left my Heart in Halland
    11th August 2016 | Maria Hart

    Glassblowing in Sweden was an unexpected treat. Cycling north towards Steninge on the Swedish Kattegattleden trail, we arrived at a local glassmaking centre – Steninge Glashytta – near Halmstad, Halland.  Halland is a scenic province…

  • Into the jungle on mainland Belize Belize day 3: Into the jungle
    20th July 2016 | Maria Hart

    Mayan ruins and cave tubing: Now that says ‘Belize’ to me, and is how I will spend the rest of my time in this intriguing country.  Early in the morning, we boat back to the…