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  • Exciting match racing at the WMRT (the World Match Racing tour) Soundtrack to a Race
    30th April 2016 | Maria Hart

    Changes, and the People and Sounds of WMRT racing in Bermuda This year marks two significant happenings in the world of sport: the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and a major change to the World Match…

  • Sandy beach near Roundstone Discovering ”Real Irish”
    17th March 2016 | Maria Hart

    “Real Irish”;  A road trip through Western Ireland and not a green beer in sight. A gentle breeze wafted in from the Atlantic Ocean as I stared westward into the bright blue horizon, my toes…

  • An Athenian cat in the Agora Through the eyes of an Athenian cat
    29th February 2016 | Maria Hart

    Here’s something a little different for the leap year day:  Something for the younger explorers…The Acropolis through the watchful eyes of an Athenian cat I am an Athenian cat and my family has lived near…

  • Yannis, head of the Hellenic Wildlife hospital Greek Wildlife Hospital
    20th January 2016 | Maria Hart

    The Greek economic crisis and the influx of refugees to the island’s dominate the news. But in the midst of this international attention and flurry, one Greek man continues to work quietly and doggedly rescuing…

  • Olympic sunset. Greek sunsets Sunsets and year end – times of reflection. More Greek Sunsets
    31st December 2015 | Maria Hart

    The sun sets on 2015, ready to rise again for more adventures in 2016! Greece has so much to offer and has filled my camera with night after night of stunning sunsets from its islands. The…